A Brief Update

Not that anyone will read this immediately after the fact and more so for my own benefit, I’m updating with this post to confirm that while I haven’t published anything as of yet, I am writing and have several drafts on various topics I am working on.

Christmas has come and gone and I am [again] trying to sort out a schedule that optimizes my life. Part of that schedule includes time to write, edit, and publish material.

In the meantime: this is something interesting.


No Introduction Needed

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post – so long that blogging appears to be out of touch with the pressing forces of technological reality ushering us into the new stages of the Web. It has been about six years since I last published anything online and a lot has changed since then. I arrived well into my 30’s, celebrated more than 10 years of marriage, helped bring another child into the world, changed jobs, bought a house. As much has changed in my life, it feels like even more has changed on the Web. When I was first blogging, it was in the midst of everyone blogging. Everyone. Now, it seems like people are still blogging (somewhere), but RSS and blog posts feel like they’ve been replaced by Facebook posts and Twitter quips. Since I quit FB and don’t even browse Twitter, this exercise feels a little futile from the start.

Unlike my last venture into publishing my writing online, I plan on this tenure to be more exploratory and less dogmatic. As I have gotten older, my thirst for knowledge has grown far greater than it has ever been. I want to explore more things, such as woodworking, maths [MATHS!], computer programming and science, and anything else that becomes of intrigue. I don’t have any answers, and I only plan to use this platform to explore possibilities not to mansplain.