Other Projects

The Water Cooler – Scripts

This is an idea that started formulating around 2016; like most of my ideas they just floated about and I made a bunch of jokes about how something was going to be a part of this idea. Then one day in 2018, I bought thewatercooler.website 50% as a joke and 50% as a way to force me to do something with it; I wrote a couple of scripts but then didn’t publish them; I developed part of the website but then didn’t finish it. Then, I just decided I was going to try and do it. I post one new script per week, on Wednesdays, and then on Fridays I release an “HR Approved” version of the script.

You can check out an archive of it here: https://thewatercooler.website/archive.html.

Tony’s Favorite Plane Movie – A Kid’s Book?

There’s no good reason for why this came into existence. But still, it exists. And as such, I have to explain it. Mostly it’s just because I’ve always had ideas and never followed through. So this is me following through. One day, my coworker Marcus and I were having a conversation with another coworker, Tony and it just happened. Marcus brought up Snakes on a Plane, and I mentioned that it wasn’t his favorite plane movie (it’s important to note the reason behind trying to find out Tony’s favorite plane movie is that he is a pilot), but it was his favorite Samuel L. Jackson movie, but that it also wasn’t his favorite snake movie. And it just cascaded from there. Then I had the idea to make it a kids book, ala those moose/muffin books.